Reliance Broadnet services in Pune – Pathetic

If you are wondering whether to opt for Reliance broadband services in Pune, please reconsider your decision… for after getting the broadband connection from Reliance, you would wish you are better off without any internet!!! So save all that hard-earned money and opt for some other service – even if it is a YOU broadband or Tikona or internet access by your cable operator.
I feel pity for myself since I cannot opt for any other service provider since Reliance seems to have some “tie up” with my society and no other service provider is allowed here… yes inspite of being in “lungs” of the city, I can’t have an internet connection of my choice – not even the omnipresent BSNL, not to mention Tata Wired broadband or Airtel.

Here are few good things and bad things about a Reliance broadband connection:

1.   Frequent disconnections:
If you want to work on a document in real time or download a huge file (without a download manager or torrent) or update your computer or play online games….  well, don’t even think of doing that with a Reliance Broadband service. I loose my internet connection every few minutes and if I am really lucky, it will work for a few hours with sometimes pages refusing to load.
I have checked my connection with my Netgear modem, reliance ZTE modem, but everything fails.
So best way to utilize your reliance broadband connection is to use torrents or download managers since they can save you the hassle of downloading the same file many times. But don’t rely too much on torrents for Reliance is prone to blocking torrents every now and then… remember to randomize your ports, if that helps at all.

2.    Customer care:
If you thought your mobile / landline is not being used too much, try connecting to reliance customer care. With their waiting time, you would even consider BSNL as a blessing. I have used Tata Wimax service in the past in Mumbai and I believe they have the best customer support. I really doubt the efficiency and skills of Reliance broadband customer care.

3.    Billing:
Atleast this is one thing that Reliance gets it right. Since I am on an unlimited plan, I receive the bill as promised to me.

4.    Speed:
Once you are lucky enough to get connected, Reliance speed is something as promised. I don’t want to criticize them here for they promised me 1Mbps in day and 1.5Mbps in night and I DO get that speed. However, that is “if” you can connect and your connection is stable.

So make wise decision and stay away from Reliance.