iPhone 5 or Samsung S3

Whether to go for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3

Many mobile users have the same question as to which of the above phone is better… Having used both the phones, I feel iPhone 5 is a better phone as compared to S3.

Advantages of iPhone 5 over Samsung Galaxy S3:

  1. Network reception;
  2. Battery life;
  3. Display;
  4. Ability to use the phone with one hand;
  5. iTunes is much better than Kies;
  6. Better body;
  7. iOS6 (excluding the map part)
  8. Airplay (since I already have an AppleTV, this is an advantage for me. For those who don’t use AppleTV, this point can be ignored)

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy S3 over iPhone 5:

  1. Expandable memory;
  2. Motion;
  3. Ability to use the phone as a USB drive and copy paste music, videos, etc;
  4. Less expensive;
  5. Maps

Call drops and horrible battery life were the major concerns due to which I switched over to iPhone 5 from Samsung Galaxy S3. After testing both the phones at same location, Galaxy dropped the call several times whereas iPhone didn’t drop a single call! Plus the voice clarity was much better.

Regarding battery life, with same apps being open, similar usage of the phone, S3 was struggling at 1% while iphone still had a 27% battery life remaining. I don’t know how apple has achieved this inspite of having a lesser capacity battery.

After having used both the phones, I am pretty sure that most of the people will come to a similar conclusion. Having said that, before you buy any of the phone, try using it for a bit to get the feel. iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s users will surely prefer iOS over Android.

You can check a detailed comparison over here. I however, have a different view of lot of things mentioned there.

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Last thing – Don’t go only by specs of the phones since Apple with lesser powerful hardware performs way better than competition with better hardware.