iPhone 4 warranty in India

With iphone officially launched in India and being priced higher than other countries, many of us prefer buying it abroad considering the “international” warranty apple gives. Well, it is not so. Read the article here – http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/WebWise/entry/buying-iphone-4-read-this

It will clear all your doubts about warranty of iphone bought abroad.


Guide to computer training website (Basic)

If you are interested in programming, this is a useful site for you –
Guide to computer training

You can get the basic information regarding:

  1. Resources for Programming Languages
  2. History of Programming Languages
  3. Popular Programming Languages
  4. Uses

Useful information on Thunderbird 3 and Gmail

Some useful links / info for new Thunderbird users…

How to Change Email From IMAP to POP in Thunderbird

How to Convert POP3 Mail to Imap

Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird

Set up Gmail account on Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 Possible Enhancements

Addons –

Minimize to tray

Thunderbrowse – Did your friend send you a cool link? Want to read the rest of that interesting article? Don’t want to open up your web browser just to view it? You don’t have to! Just view it in Thunderbird with ThunderBrowse!

By Akshay Gandhi Posted in gmail

Alterations in cheque – not allowed

As per the new RBI guidelines, customers are no longer allowed to alter the Amount or the Payee Name while issuing a cheque. The cheques with such corrections will no longer be honoured effective 1st July, 2010.

Alteration of cheques not allowed

Alteration of cheques not allowed

UPDATE: Read here

Review: ConsumerMate.com

If you are looking to buy a mobile / laptop / Plasma TV / digital camera, a visit to ConsumerMate is highly recommended.

In case of mobiles, ConsumerMate provides really helpful tips / utilities. Now you can easily compare mobile phones, find mobile phones India, laptops, etc. There are also other tools like Guru Gyan, comparing different models, mobile buying guide, etc. ConsumerMate also has a consumer support section (which is missing in several similar sites)

What really distinguishes ConsumerMate from other sites is the Ask Us section. Here you can submit a request for a particular model and 2 to 3 vendors in the city will contact you with the best price offers for the products selected or mentioned in the message. This really helps in getting the best deals since you are comparing offers from different vendors before buying the product and that too from the comfort of your home / office.

ConsumerMate also has Test Center Ratings page which sets out the test results of several brands on four criteria: Build quality, Ergonomics, Performance and Features.

The interface of the site is innovative and easy to navigate and use. You just need to move the “sliders” to narrow down the search for your mobile / tv / digital camera or laptop.

So before making your next purchase of mobile / laptop / digital camera or plasma TV, make it a point to check out the test results, features, etc. of your shortlisted gadget at ConsumerMate.

Play Mafia Wars on Nokia N82 or S60 devices

To play mafia wars (facebook) on your Nokia N82, download and install Opera 10 Mobile browser on your mobile. There are no extra settings that you require to do and you can instantly start browsing and playing mafia wars.

The Opera 10 beta browser is the best one I have used on Nokia N82. The interface, speed and features are excellent.

Review of Tata Indicom Wimax in Mahim, Mumbai

Preliminary review:

I migrated from Tata Indicom Wired broadband service to Tata Indicom Wimax in Mahim area of Mumbai (Plan Power On and On 6-384 prepaid to [plan yet to be finalized])

Cost of installation – NIL

The transfer was a smooth process and apart from external installation of the antenna, it wasnt much time consuming thing.

Please note that Wimax doesnt mean free of all cables. The only cable that goes is the one that comes from Tata to your building. Instead, a receiver is installed on your terrace and it goes into a device which Tata provides you. Then a wire from that device comes out which goes into your computer (a wifi router can be installed so that the wire coming out of the device connects to the router)

There is hardly any noticeable difference in the speed between the wired broadband service and the Wimax.

Update: Using Belkin wireless router N150. Installation was very easy. Just had to connect the cable to the router and thats it……

Update – 13th November, 2009:
The connection is performing flawlessly and I haven’t faced any issues (except for some minor disconnection on 2 occasions which was sorted out on the call itself). The rains did not affect the performance at all.

The call center remains easily accessible and the representatives seem to have upto-date knowledge.

I will definitely recommend Tata Indicom Wimax connection for people in Mahim, Mumbai.

Play Mafia Wars on Blackberry

For people who are addicted to Mafia Wars and want to play it on their Blackberrys, here is an easy way:

You will need to download Bolt browser and you can start using mafia wars on your blackberry.

I am using it on Blackberry 8900.

Though the display is little messed up and slow, you can still do some jobs and fighting though it is not recommended for hitlists.

For Vodafone users in Mumbai who do not have GPRS package, use the Bolt browser using wifi.

Connect to PC internet through wifi using N82

Here is a simple procedure for connecting your Nokia N82 (or other nokia handset with wifi) to internet using PC wifi.

I shared Tata Indicom Broadband Connection (through cable) on my PC to my Nokia N82 handset using wifi.

The procedure is simple and will just take a few minutes.

The procedure is for Vista and with appropriate modifications, it can be used with Windows XP as well.


1. Right click your Network icon in the system tray – Network and Sharing Center;

2. Go to your internet connection icon (in this case Tata) – View status Properties Sharing – select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection and clear the Allow other users to control…. option;

3. Now go to Network and Sharing Center Setup a connection or network Setup a wireless adhoc (computer to computer) network ;

4. You can give your adhoc network a suitable name and select the appropriate security settings in the next steps (for trial purpose I would suggest to do without the WEP / WPA security);

5. Just turn on the wifi on your Nokia N82 handset, connect to the adhoc network and start browsing from your handset…