Review of Tata Indicom Wimax in Mahim, Mumbai

Preliminary review:

I migrated from Tata Indicom Wired broadband service to Tata Indicom Wimax in Mahim area of Mumbai (Plan Power On and On 6-384 prepaid to [plan yet to be finalized])

Cost of installation – NIL

The transfer was a smooth process and apart from external installation of the antenna, it wasnt much time consuming thing.

Please note that Wimax doesnt mean free of all cables. The only cable that goes is the one that comes from Tata to your building. Instead, a receiver is installed on your terrace and it goes into a device which Tata provides you. Then a wire from that device comes out which goes into your computer (a wifi router can be installed so that the wire coming out of the device connects to the router)

There is hardly any noticeable difference in the speed between the wired broadband service and the Wimax.

Update: Using Belkin wireless router N150. Installation was very easy. Just had to connect the cable to the router and thats it……

Update – 13th November, 2009:
The connection is performing flawlessly and I haven’t faced any issues (except for some minor disconnection on 2 occasions which was sorted out on the call itself). The rains did not affect the performance at all.

The call center remains easily accessible and the representatives seem to have upto-date knowledge.

I will definitely recommend Tata Indicom Wimax connection for people in Mahim, Mumbai.