The new Nokia N82 Firmware – v30.0.019

The new Nokia N82 Firmware – v30.0.019
23-07-08; RM-313
Nokia N82 (25.01)

You can check the change log here.

So should you go ahead and update to the latest firmware –

Well based on my experience, I would not recommend anyone to update immediately for following reasons –

1. You main screen is now even more cramped with the “Search: Internet and my content” taking 2 lines. (Though “google” has been added to the list of search services)

2. The m-blog / VOX / Share online takes up another line. So your main screen is now a mess…

3. I don’t see any improvement in the sound quality of my phone

4. I don’t see any difference in the way the videos play

5. My phone hangs more than before..

So instead of wasting your bandwidth and time downloading around 140 MB, just wait for a few more days to get a better picture and then go ahead with your update.

NOTE: This review is based on the preliminary use of my phone. I may have missed out on some significant improvements. Will update this page as and when I come across the improvements / glitches, if any. Comments will be appreciated.


My upcoming posts – on Nokia N82 and comparison between HTC & N82

My upcoming posts –

1. How to install unsigned applications on the Nokia N82 phones –
Instead of reproducing the entire contents from other sites, I will provide link to the site which in my opinion is best and easiest of all to understand.

2. Moving from HTC Touch to Nokia N82 – Whether a wise decision…
I have recently switched from HTC Touch to Nokia N82. I have been comparing the features of both the phones and usability. This article will stress more on the user experience aspect then the technical aspect.

For time being, note this:


If you are planing to buy the N82 for GPS, FORGET IT. The GPS coverage of the N82 is abysmal. I have tried it on the roads of Mumbai and you will be in for great disappointment but when it works (though in patches), its awesome.

So I wouldnt really take the GPS as an advantage as google maps works better for me.


This is one area where N82 beats the HTC Touch hands down. Its smooth, fast and responsive – even if there are number of applications running in the background.


I guess there is not much to compare between the cameras… N82 is simply superb… I would recommend users to try the Panoman application that comes bundled with the N82.