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18 comments on “BLOGS of Akshay Gandhi

  1. I am in my last year of computer engg. Will soon start working….. I like HP dv6703TX a lot but very very confused between this & sony vaio CR-35… Both have almost same configuration but sony is better from battery point of view while HP has bigger screen n stil nt tat heavy ….wt do i do???

  2. Go for HP dv6703TX. It has a nvidia graphics card + u get a TV Tuner card free with it. In terms of performance, it will beat Sony vaio + it is cheaper then Sony.

    HP is also better in terms of service in India.

  3. hi ,this is Vaishali Prajapati,i m a first year law student (3year course ).Can u pls help me to find the firms in Mumbai who recruit first year student for internship.Thanks

  4. I stumbled upon (no pun intended) your invoice site. Your readership may profit from an alternative commercial financing method called factoring. If a business’ cash flow is low, it may be time to consider factoring its invoices. Factoring is pulling your money out of a business’ invoices to finance growth, expansion, meet payroll, etc. In effect, in using factoring, a business simply outsources its invoice collection operation. It is a simple process which does not require a bank loan. Many businesses have been saved by using factoring. Let me know if I can help.

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  5. I’m a 4th yr law student and planning to do internship with a well renowned law firm in Mumbai. I saw ur blog regarding the firms in Mumbai. So please if u can just help me with their contact details.

  6. I tried the windows xp driver for Conexant High definintion Modem its not working on my machine I need the modem driver for Presario V3424AU.

  7. hi akshay… i have compq v3424au notebook i too have the same problem in installing the drivers for xp and the only problem which is pending is wireless drivers rest of them are working properly…

    kindly help me out… i have tried the previous tips which you have posted…now what to do…

  8. hi akshay,
    can u plz send me some differencec between ipr and its laws in india and european union. i’ve been searchin 4 dis since 3 days on net an everywhere but not getting anything.thanks

  9. Hi Akshay,

    My name in all my certificates is Banupriya. So, same name as single word is carried over to my passport and pan card. Now i want my name to be changed to “Banu Priya” , forming 2 words – i.e “firstname lastname”.

    To do this , do i need to apply for name change ? Kindly let me know

  10. hi, i have changed my 3 yrs sons name by publishing in gazette , but due to astrological problem i have to again change his name different from earlier names what is the procedure, pl guide

  11. Dear Sir,
    By mistake my son’s name remain in school records as maruf munaf, while my name is abdulmunaf, he is is final diploma where his name as per school certificates is as I mentioned. I tried to get him name corrected upon getting gazette certificate as maruf abdulmunaf but college said it’s not possible now as well as technical board.His passport name is maruf abdulmunaf as per birht certificate and my records. He will be going for degree next year.
    Question is will he have any problem in future as his degree certificate and passport name will not match.
    Please advice.

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