Connect to PC internet through wifi using N82

Here is a simple procedure for connecting your Nokia N82 (or other nokia handset with wifi) to internet using PC wifi.

I shared Tata Indicom Broadband Connection (through cable) on my PC to my Nokia N82 handset using wifi.

The procedure is simple and will just take a few minutes.

The procedure is for Vista and with appropriate modifications, it can be used with Windows XP as well.


1. Right click your Network icon in the system tray – Network and Sharing Center;

2. Go to your internet connection icon (in this case Tata) – View status Properties Sharing – select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection and clear the Allow other users to control…. option;

3. Now go to Network and Sharing Center Setup a connection or network Setup a wireless adhoc (computer to computer) network ;

4. You can give your adhoc network a suitable name and select the appropriate security settings in the next steps (for trial purpose I would suggest to do without the WEP / WPA security);

5. Just turn on the wifi on your Nokia N82 handset, connect to the adhoc network and start browsing from your handset…

4 comments on “Connect to PC internet through wifi using N82

  1. dude.. can i do the same with ipod touch
    usually i have a desktop and i am thinking of getting a usb wifi dongle so tht i can use it as a router to acess internet wireless with my ipod touch and nokia 5800..
    please let me know if its possible..

  2. hey buddy…. m using iphone4 currently…i followed all ur steps but m unable to browse internet on safari……
    m having a wired internet over my laptop…plz suggest me how can use the internet over my iphone4 via wifi through laptop

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