Review: Tata Indicom Broadband

After lots of research (airtel, mtnl, tata, photon, etc.), I finally selected Tata Indicom Broadband service in Mumbai (no specific reason for selection although Tata has lots of negative reviews).

Its just been a few hours that I am using it and here is the review (which will be updated from time to time).

After I send an inquiry to Tata Indicom for a broadband connection and after fixing up an appointment with their representative, this is how the process was:


I filled up the requisite forms for the new connection and the representative was quite helpful. I chose the Power On and On 6-384 i.e. I will get speed of 384kbps with unlimited downloads for six months.

Cost: Rs.8340 all inclusive (no installation charges, etc.)

With the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) doing rounds of every forum and being a major cause of concern for the heavy downloaders, to be on safer side, I added to the application form and the terms and conditions form that I have selected the plan only on the representation that FUP does not apply to this plan and that there will be no restrictions / limit on the downloads.

Day 2:

I get a call from Tata for fixing a time for the cabling work (no modem or router required). The installation time is fixed for the next day at 10.30 a.m.

Day 3:

The representative arrives on time, finishes off his work in 30 minutes and my connection is already working!.

After installation, I checked the speed at and got result of 0.43 mbps for downloads and 0.38 mbps for uploads. Downloading from torrents was also speedy.

Day 5:

The connection goes kaput. I cant login to broadband dialer, ping the gateway, nothing can be done though the LAN cable is showing some activity.

Reaching the customer care was easy – 020- 60607070. Complaint was lodged, complaint no. was given and solution within 24 hours was assured.

Day 6:

No call from customer care or engineers of tata. I again call up customer care and they assure solution asap and that engineers are looking into the complaint.

No solution – broadband still not working.

The representative and the engineer who came for installation have suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Their mobiles are “switched off

Day 7:

Finally the engineer gets the problem solved and net is working again. Seems to have been some problem at Tata’s end.

The connection is at its best again and no issues since Day 7…..

Somehow is inaccessible with my connection.. Negative reviews of Tata may be the cause….

Its been a month now that I have been using Tata Indicom Broadband. I have downloaded over 75GB and am satisfied with the service and speed.

The only grievance that remains is the disconnection. The service gets disconnected at any point of time and you have to login again to resume. This is painful considering that you queue things for download before leaving for office and after coming back you realize that your connection dropped soon after you left.

Rating: 8.5/10


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