Map a FTP drive / folder in Windows Vista

Map a FTP drive / folder in Windows Vista:
Source and credit: WinVistaClub – This is yet another helpful trick from the amazing site for vista. I was searching for something related to FTP and found this useful article.

You can create or map a drive directly to your FTP site from within Windows Vista. For that you dont need the help of any third party software. It could be done in XP and it can be done in Vista too.

Open Explorer > Computer > Click Map Network Drive.

Next click Add network location wizard.

Select Choose a custom network location – Specify the address of the website, network location or ftp site.

Uncheck log on anonymously and give the username & password.

You will now be connected to your website .

This is quite useful if you store files online or run a website.


One comment on “Map a FTP drive / folder in Windows Vista

  1. This is not completely accurate. Connecting to FTP sites this way is not the same as a mapped drive. You can’t simply browse do files with `insert some application here` and open them for example. This method is only good in regards to uploading and downloading files, not opening them in-place. Novel has a program called netdrive that can map a drive to a ftp server that treats it like a real file system but at the time of this writing the program does not work in vista.

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