Freewares for iPOD

Freewares for your ipod:

Froddle Pod

Froddle Pod is a completely free iPod Manager. It can be used to copy media to and from your iPod. Features include transferring music and video files to the ipod, transferring music and video files from the iPod, normalizing music, iPod backup, iPod restore, mp3 encoder, iPod synchronization, media player and heaps more.


* Copy music and videos directly to your iPod through an intuitive file browser interface
* Copy music and videos from your iPod to your PC or other storage medium
* Synchronize your iPod with a folder Backup everything on your iPod to another storage medium (eg. your hard drive)
* Restore a previous backup Delete media from your iPod Format your iPod (completing erasing it´s contents)
* Rip audio from a CD to MP3´s ready to be transferred to your iPod
* Convert wave files to MP3´s ready to be transfered to your iPod
* Music normalization. Makes audio the same volume to the human ear. No more having to adjust the volume control on your iPod for each individual song.
* Normalize all audio on your iPod directly Normalize all audio in a specific folder
* Normalize individual audio files
* Play audio and video formats supported by the iPod (except quicktime format)

Download here
SIZE: 3.09MB

Aimersoft iPod Copy Manager

Aimersoft iPod Copy Manager is a totally free and easy to use iPod backup and recovery software. With the free iPod copy manager, you can easily copy back your songs, videos and DVD movies from iPod to computer when you lost your iTunes library. You also can backup your iPod videos and music to computer whether you need to send your iPod for repair or system crashed.

For the iTunes frustrated user, iPod copy manager can help you transfer video, songs, movies and TV shows to iPod directly. Just plug in your iPod to computer and one click is enough; it couldn’t be easier to copy music and video to iPod.


* Backup songs in iPod to PC.
* Transfer music and movies to iPod.
* Copy iPod songs to new computer.
* Computer crashed.
* Share your iPod songs with friends.
* Copy all songs to a new iPod.

Download here
SIZE: 1.61MB


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