Review: Thinkdigit

Product description: is the online face of Digit magazine, leading tech magazine in India*.

*Digit magazine is the number one tech magazine in India as per the latest IRS survey.


The first website that comes to my mind when I have any technological issues / needs like review of a hardware / software, troubleshooting the softwares that I use, etc., the first site that comes to my mind is discussion forum at

Best of Thinkdigit:

After being a member of the Thinkdigit forum for a considerable time, I list out the top five links of the Thinkdigit forum:

  1. Reviews section: Before purchasing any gadget or software, search if any member has posted a review about it here. You can find reviews of mobiles, softwares, hardwares, PMPs, etc. These may be posted by novice or experts but what counts is how the experts and other members comment on the review and give their inputs. You can also find some of the best freewares listed in this section.
  2. Software Troubleshooting: You can ask questions in relation to almost any software you use and expect an answer to almost every query. The level of expertise of the members is awesome and very very reliable.
  3. Open Source: Since I am not too much into Open Source (except for using Ubuntu), I have put Open Source at no. 3 else it can surely appear at no. 1 for the help this section provides. This section is one of the reasons for me using Ubuntu…
  4. Hardware Troubleshooting: As the name suggests, you can get unbiased inputs for your hardware problems.
  5. Digital Market: Want to buy or sell your stuff? Then Digital Market is a place to go though don’t expect an ebay or amazon here.


  1. Thinkdigit is absolutely safe site and any office / firm / company can add it to safe site. There are no pirated contents on the site.
  2. Unbiased – No “intel over AMD” or “Windows over Linux”  or “nVidia over ATi” exists here. Members freely assert themselves as to what is the best.

Cons – Though not strictly cons, these are my suggestions:

  1. The mobile section can be sub divided into Symbian, Windows Mobile and Others section (say for prices, comparison, etc.). This will help us easily find what we are looking for.
  2. Digital Market has a long way to go

Verdict: For all my technological needs – be it buying a new laptop, mobile or any problems that I face in relation to softwares and hardwares, Thinkdigit is the site I can safely rely on.

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