NETGEAR DG834G – Download from Rapidshare without waiting

Requirements –

1. BSNL Dataone Connection (or connection from any other service provider which gives dynamic ip)
2. Netgear DG834G (You can try it with any other router/modem supporting this function)

In case you dont want to wait for “n” minutes to be able to download a file from Rapidshare and you dont want to wait for a long time till your modem restarts, here is a trick for you.

Open your browser and –

1. Go to
2. Enter your ID and password
3. Go to Connection Status
4. Click on Disconnect

Wait till your connection to internet is disconnected.

Now Click on Connect. In no time you will have a new ip address.

Your IP Address will be renewed and you can now download from rapidshare without having to wait for more than 1-2 minutes.

There are tools like HideIP Platinum and others to beat rapidshare but they are either not free or your download speed suffers with them.



2 comments on “NETGEAR DG834G – Download from Rapidshare without waiting

  1. Hi Akshay..

    There is one thing I would like to say in this regard.
    Rapidshare keeps a track of all the IPs which change their IPs. Rapidshare knows of these type of processes being available to customers by which they can change their IPs.
    Take for instance, my case. I used to do what you mentioned in this post but I got banned from their server for more than a week. I used HideIP but that too started giving me problems. Fortunately when the problems started Rapidshare unbanned me thereby enabling me to download. But nevertheless, now Rapidshare’s policy of waiting for a download is extinct. Now you can download any file of any size at any time. Like I download 700 MB split into 4 files within 5 hours through rapidshare, as there is no waiting after a file downloads. But this has a bearing on the speed. Rapidshare has done away with the waiting aspect for downloading a file but has hampered the speed tremendously. Earlier I could download a file from their server at 200+ kbps, while now I can download only at >60 kbps.

  2. @Shivanand

    This is an old post and Rapidshare (RS) keeps changing its security measures.

    The ban you are talking about is when RS had banned all the BSNL and MTNL IPs due to hacking attempt on their site. Now the ban has gone.

    You can also try using some which is supposed to be a link generator. Let me know if the site is clean and useful. I havent tried it as yet

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