Freeware Games for Pocket PC

There are numerous games available for Pocket PC’s. Here are a few freeware Pocket PC games which I would personally recommend –

Will be updating list soon… So keep cheking.

Bubble Buster v1.06

Free Image Hosting at

Soar through the clouds and bust as many bubbles as you can within the given time limit.

Additional items give special bonuses! Only your accuracy and speed will help you achieve the best high score!

– Exceptionally detailed graphics and smooth animation.
– Stereo sound effects.
– Increasingly challenging and addictive gameplay.
– Saves game statistics throughout all sessions.
– Hidden cheat codes.


Support the developer and his family by playing the game and sharing it with others freely.

Requirement note:
StrongARM/XScale Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device with at least 400MHz CPU speed. 4 MB of storage space; can be played on Storage Card or Main Memory.

Download Here
SIZE: 2.78MB



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Don’t you deserve a break? Play this fun, addictive game at the airport, in waiting rooms, or in meetings (just don’t get caught!)

Even the hardest-working person needs a break once in a while. The next time you’re stuck in a waiting room, or an airport, or in your boss’s office waiting for him to get off the phone, try a quick game of Dots! Its fast, fun and free from Ilium Software.

Download Here


TicTacToe v1.1

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A free tictactoe game for 2 players for Pocket PC and Windows PC.

Unpack and copy ppc-tictactoe.exe to your pocketpc and run it from the file explorer.

Update Description:
– Code changes, speed improvement.

Download Here


One comment on “Freeware Games for Pocket PC

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