Overclock your HTC TOUCH

Overclock your HTC Touch

If you are experiencing sluggish performance over your HTC Touch and are looking for some performance gain, here is a solution for you.

HTC Touch comes with processor speed of about 201Mhz. Any increase in this speed will result in some performance gain.

This is where overclocking your processor helps!. Overclocking means to simply overclock your processor to run at a higher speed. Though not safe for beginners, people with experience can do it just with a few “taps”.

Here is the procedure –

BatteryStatus is a freeware today-plugin.

Battery Status - HTC Overclocking

Original cpuspeed: Here you must enter the original cpuspeed. If you dont know it, you can use the Get-Button. By the way, the cpu of XDA Neo runs originally on 195 MHz.

Overclock to Speed: With this combobox you can set the cpuspeed to which the plugin shall overclock the cpu. 260 MHz has turned out to be the highest clockspeed for a stable operating of XDA Neo.

Overclock on wakeup: This option let BatteryStatus overclock the cpu on wakeup/resume of the device. The latter implies, that the cpuspeed falls back to the original cpuspeed if the device switches in one of the sleep modes. This is controlled by the operating system itself !

Remember last CpuSpeed: If this option is checked, then the cpuspeed before going to suspend will be restored after wakeup.

Overclock after Reboot: If you want your device to be overclocked after a softreset, then you must check this option. Be careful with this option. I would not do that, so its your choice and you have to know what you do.

WARNING !!! Use this piece of software at your own risk !!! Overclocking means that you run your cpu at a clockspeed not inteded by the manufacturer or provider of your device !!! I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software !!! WARNING

Download BatteryStatus


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