How to Free Memory in Windows Mobile

How to Free Memory in Windows Mobile


So you are in this situation: you have a Windows Mobile based device with good specifications and all of the programs you have installed. It should be working perfectly and meet all your needs, but instead of it is running creepy slow. That is because of the persistence of applications and programs running in the background. As a result, the shutting down of unnecessary applications in the background via settings or a third party application becomes a necessary task to running a problem-free Pocket PC.

How to Free some memory on your Windows Mobile device The reason for it is because Windows Mobile platform uses a feature called Smart Minimize, which actually leaves the program running in the background after you click on the X in the upper right hand corner.

How to Free some memory on your Windows Mobile device

One of the largest programs that consumes memory is ActiveSync, which runs in the background once you synch your Pocket PC with your computer. There are several ways you can shut down this application. The most common way is to go to Start -> Settings -> System – > Memory and selecting the grey Running Programs tab. This will open up a majority of applications running on your Pocket PC.

If you wish have more copmplete task manager and see all the processes and threads that are running in the background, there are third party utilities for this purpose. You can consider an applications like Free Task Manager, tMan, pBar, PHM Task Manager or other paid ones which you can find at MobileTopSoft’s Pocket PC software archive.

How to Free some memory on your Windows Mobile device As you can see from the screenshot above there is Phone running 3 times along with the Activesync. They are taking memory that can be used for other purposes. This program is quite old but it is good because it is free and locates everything you can do in the Windows version, including: display the running applications, allowing you to activate, hibernate, stop and terminate them as well as display the running processes with their IDs, number of threads, CPU time, priority and complete path, and allow you to terminate them. You can also suspend, soft reset, and hard reset your Pocket PC if needed.

You can also try other applications for optimizing your Pocket PC’s memory like MemMaid and Pocket Mechanic Pro.

Remember that by removing large applications from memory when not in use, you will provide yourself with more space for necessary applications and can potentially improve overall performance.


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