XP Drivers for Compaq Presario V3424AU

All those who have purchased Compaq Presario V3424AU must have been frustrated looking for Windows XP Drivers for their system. V3424AU comes with Vista Basic preinstalled and XP users like us who do not want to shift to Vista, face problems relating to drivers.

So I am giving links below from where you can download the drivers and safely use XP.

Link 1
Link 2

In case you are not able to install drivers or the drivers refuse to install or do not correctly install, I would suggest you to install the drivers from Device Manager.

Go to your Device Manger, check your hardware. Where ever you see yellow mark, right click – upgrade drivers/install drivers – give the path of the relevant driver you just downloaded and DONE!

In case you still are unable to find the right drivers or are unable to install them, feel free to mail me and I will help you. Justify Full

88 comments on “XP Drivers for Compaq Presario V3424AU

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  2. It didnt help me.

    Tell me fom the beggining in the order to install the drivers with the softpaq numbers.

    I installed in this way.

    chipset sp33031.exe
    graphic sp33549.exe
    network sp34510.exe
    audio sp32646.exe followed by sp34386.

    Now my audio driver is not working !

    Please help

  3. I am planning to buy Compaq V3424AU. Would you like to share your review? Does it works well with XP? How long the battery works?

  4. Compaq V3424AU is a gud model. If u have not already bought it and are in no hurry rite now, I wud suggest u go for Dell 1420 or Dell 1520.

    Compaq’s performance is gud. It works well with XP but many people face problems with the drivers. But with Vista it just works fine.

    Battery should last u for 2.5-3 hrs under normal usage. But for gaming, 2hrs may be the limit.

  5. Hey i installed xp on v3424au , the drivers are there on the HP website ,although not for V3424au ,i think they are for some 35 series or something ,but they work just as fine ,now i will be installing Ubuntu ,if i can get it to run properly then good bye windows.

    • i m using compaq presario V3424 AU laptop. I m facing problem eith the audio driver, just now i have installed the windows xp on my system, and for installing the audio driver u r asking us to install the Microsoft HD audio drivers. Can u tell me frm where can i get the software, and also all the drivers for my system for XP.

      • i m using compaq presario V3424 AU laptop. I m facing problem eith the audio driver, just now i have installed the windows xp on my system, and for installing the audio driver u r asking us to install the Microsoft HD audio drivers. Can u tell me frm where can i get the software, and also all the drivers for my system for XP.

  6. i couldnt install NVIDIA video driver ,modem driver and audio drivers.It shows message like “media device not found”.
    I hav tried to install this in device manager but it not accepting the folder path and shows messsge tat says the folder does not contain any drivers…Pls help me..

  7. @jaya

    Install the motherboard drivers 1st. Then through device manager, select the options with yellow mark. Rite click them and go to the option of installing drivers. Select the path of drivers to install it. Make sure the driver file isnt in a .zip or .rar file.

    U can also copy the *.inf file to a folder on ur HDD and show that path for installation of drivers

  8. The links that you’ve given for the drivers..they are meant for some other notebook models..are we supposed to use those for the v3424au??kinda confused right now..

    • hi akshay, thanks for this greate blog…i m searching and begging for audio drivers for my CP V3424TU for last 6 months….plz help me



  10. hii
    i hve a problem with my v3424au.
    i installed xp all the drivers are working properly.
    but the problem is with audio drivers
    before it use to work properly with xpfew days back i formatted my notebook.. all the drivers are working good but for audio drivers im getting this message “media device not found” plz help me

  11. i have a CP V3424AU and i have installed XP now i have only one problemw ith my mass storage device driver coz of that i cannot detect any of my USB drives which driver shud i download and install to get rid of that yellow? mark on mass storage device….plz help…

  12. @paresh

    Try rite clicking the yellow marked device, uninstall the drivers and then try reinstalling them. XP has inbuilt USB drivers. So you wont require additional drivers.

    If this doesnt help, check if your USB drives work on other PCs. If yes, you mite have to reinstall your motherboard drivers…

  13. one more problem akshay……

    now when ever i on my CP V3424AU laptop lights ignite n the cd rom starts but nuthing on the screeen all totally blank after a while i have to restart it again but of no use …

    what to do??????????

  14. hey akshay

    i tuk my lap to the service station they are tellin me that they will change the motherbord its under warranty …… so is it okay kya if they change the motherbrd ..any can i get any similar issues in the future aftr changing the motherbrd??? n what had caused the screen to go blank??? and is it a genuine motherboard ka problem ??????i am confused…..

    thanks in advance akshay…..

  15. If service station is changing the motherboard for you, you can rest assured that it will be original. It is essential to get your motherboard replaced.

    In case u face the problem again in future, you can again get a replacement, if under warranty period.

    You will need to get a clarification from the service center about the problem your motherboard had.

  16. okay akshay

    thank you fir ur help … my lap will b comming on thu or friday ….will let u knw abt the status….what was the problem with it……..n i have insisted them to reinstall win vista as it was original…..in the future will only upgrade the RAM for better performance of the vista now i have 1gb RAM with 120GB HDD

    thanks akshay….

  17. Hi akshay

    what u think vista is ok on the laptop with the config i told u above???
    but i guess that only is the best OS and now a days they recommend Vista only for laptops….

    what u think?????

    ok akshay one more thing……..

    can u pls post all the links of the drivers of Compaq Presario V3424AU so that i can download that drivers from that link and burn it and keep it safe for future if sum problem arises….

    it would be a gr8 help yar…..

    thank u soo much in advance…..

  18. Hello Sir,
    I have forgotten my password of V3424AU laptop last week…
    and tried a lot but no use
    once I pressed Esc key(BIOS Section) and checked whether there is any possibility of recovering of pwd and made some changes in password section there..
    and initially there is no pwd there but I have given a pwd there as ‘WINDOWS’.
    From that time whenever I restart the laptop it asks like Enter Password:
    and I am giving as WINDOWS again it asks Admin password…
    and I took service center. They cleared the prblm and rectified password(Admin).
    But again on restart the laptop it asks like Enter Password: at begin..

    At service center they told me that I have to Format the entire system to clear this prblm. I am using Windows XP now on my laptop.

    What can I do
    plz let me know the solution..


  19. hi akshay,
    the hp costomer care replaced my motherboard 3-4 months before since there was a fault.. now i have formatted the entire pc and got the xp drivers and installed xp.. each and every driver is successfully installed but for audio it is showing “unable to locate media driver”..

  20. hi akshay,
    the hp service centre replaced my motherboard b’coz there was some problem in it, this was some 3-4 months bfore now i formatted my pc .. all the drivers are successfully installed but audio driver is showing some error “unable to locate media device” ..is it bcoz of the motherboard or some other problem please help

  21. @himanshu

    Hope u have installed microsoft HD drivers.

    Install the motherboard drivers 1st. Then through device manager, select the options with yellow mark. Rite click them and go to the option of installing drivers. Select the path of drivers to install it. Make sure the driver file isnt in a .zip or .rar file.

  22. Akshay………..

    hi there

    i have solved all my problems n now m running windows vista with no problems at all..

    now only i wanted to ask u about the antivirus ….i used avg free but sum components were not workin properly …den i swtched to avast but it also failed it dosent updates automaticallly i have to do it manually,……. which is the best antivirus can u pls suggest me…..

  23. @paresh

    If you are in India, I would recommend you buy a licensed AV like quickheal or kaspersky. They cost around 1-1.5k but its worth the money. Plus with quickheal you even get support on the phone.

    For free AV, I would recommend Avast or AVG.

    Which component of AVG is not working? The update problem is common with Avast but you can try configuring the update settings and point the same to your active internet connection.

    Dont forget to install a firewall with these AVs. Free firewalls would be Commodo or Zone alarm. Both are equally effective

  24. when i installed driver a message saying that media device not found i got.as mentioned above you told first installmotherboard driver(what this means).second you told install through device manager(but i am not getting any option through device manger )
    finally i am not able to install driver.i installed sp 33867 correctly but iam getting problem in sp 34200 .what to do

  25. Motherboard driver means you first install the “chipset” drivers. After installing this, installation of other drivers will be easy.

    Extract your driver files to a folder.

    In device manager, rite click the yellow icons – select update driver or reinstall driver – do not connect to the internet – point to inf file of the driver you are installing and the driver will be installed.

    On installing motherboard drivers, most of your errors will be solved. Remember to install Microsoft HD drivers as well for audio

  26. Hi,
    Thanks for a fab post Akshay—its of gr8 help to lost souls like me!
    For compaq v3424 XP drivers could u pleas specify which are the microsoft hd audio drivers u advise us to install before audio driver sp32636. Plz mention code(sp######).

    Thanks in advance…

  27. Hi

    i have V3424AU and i am facing the same motherboard power problem as many others (even my friend with this laptop has the same problem) i am going for a carepack warranty extension as it is out of warranty. I want to replace the laptop…. can any one tell me what price can i get for this if i want to sell it… or any other suggestions… plz help…


  28. Hi akshay,

    I have the Compaq presario v3424au. The comp has started giving serious problems. Its started a month ago when it just started switching of. Now it just doesn’t go on. Is it a problem with the mother board. If yes, what do you think it will cost me.
    I need help, urgently…


  29. @siddarth

    Prima facie it appears that ur motherboard is corrupted. However, get it checked from service center. It may be due to over heating as well.

    A new motherboard may cost you around Rs.10k depending upon its availability. Generally service centers offer around 7-10k as buy back price for this model.

    So it is your call as to whether you want to sell it (in case ur motherboard is corrupt) or get a new motherboard. (ask for genuine new motherboard only and not 2nd hand motherboard)

  30. hi.i have got compaq v3424au laptop with xp installed.
    i want to upgrade my ram to 2.5 gb by installing another 2gb ram it in the other channel. so is there any particular type of ram i should bye or any type will do? i really need your advice.thanks.

  31. hi,
    i have compaq v3424au which came with vista basic, and i switched to xp.but there is no sound,i had installed all the drivers from hp website together with those listed above for the same problem in the order given.but still it doesn’t work.
    please help me out.
    thanks in advance

  32. @amit

    Check the links given above


    Try reformatting your system. Sometimes XP does not get installed properly coz of corrupt installation disk and then no matter what u do, sound does not work.

    So install from a different source and then try installing the drivers in given sequence

  33. i am having trouble installing drivers for xp in my laptop compaq v3424au. the error says downloaded file is corrupted. i have downloaded the file many times but it gives the same error every time.
    I m not able to install a lot of drivers and it says in the beginning that u will need softpaq….
    What the hell is that…

  34. Guys, I’ve V3424AU.
    I faced motherboard power down issue b4 6 months i.e. 13 months after my purchase. Though warranty was over, I got it replaced @ service centre. They told me like, for this model they are offering a extended warranty of 1 yr for motherboard only (means total 2 yrs).
    Actually this model has problem with motherboard. Many times we got blank screen while working. Service centre guy told me not to hibernate or stand by lappy. But, he failed to give any reason.

    Now, I’ve got motherboard down again. Just 6 months after replacement. In this period, I never hibernate or ‘stand by’ my lappy. Even I didn’t used it continuously for more than 3 hrs to prevent from overheating. Tom I’ll be carrying it to service centre again. But, seriously guys, now I’ve no will to work on this lappy. I’ll be selling it to whatever price I’ll got.

    For my other mates, get this problem clarified with ur lappy. Also remember, U’ll r now getting extended 1 yr warranty.

    ‘ll update this forum soon.

  35. than u akshay i dont know who are u?
    i got high def modem driver from ur given link
    thanking u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because the compaq webside removes the link of high defination audio and modem drivers
    once again thanks
    ur website from google search

  36. Hello,
    My problem is that I have a Compaq Laptop of V3000 series with AMD 64bit processor. Generally I’m using Laptop on Power code but now it gives starting problem. When I switch on the Laptop, power comes but nothing displays on the screen. After 5-6 attempt of restarting, I thought that it may be betary problem so I remove the betary and starts with a power code after 2-3- attempt it was started. but again after 2 days it gives same problem so what is a reason ? My OS is windows-XP professional.

    • I faced same problem few months ago and I got lappy motherboard down after a week. Service station guys replaced motherboard free of cost as it is known issue for V3000 series. They’ve extended motherboard warranty to 2 yrs.

      • Dear Digvijayji and Akshayji.

        My Compaq Presario V3424AU Notebook PC has same problem which you faced earlier as your motherboard was down. From yesterday my display has gone and after many attempt to strat it is not responding. I have brought my Notebook in July 2007.can i claim the warrenty of the same? as you written about AMD V3000, has the serious issues of heating and motherboard problems, display problems.

  37. hi akshay i do have a problem,i bought V3424TU lsat year it cms with vista home basic actually it went very slow so i chnged to tiny vista ultimate for that i coudnt get modem driver plz help me out from this situation

  38. @mathew

    You can download the drivers for motorola modem. Google for it or right click the modem option in device manager and select update drivers.

    Since you have installed tiny version, some of the drivers may have been left out. You can install full version of Vista and then disable aero and other features not required by you. This will help you have all the relevant drivers and better performance with disabled features.

    PS: You can try Ubuntu. It is amazing, fast and easy to configure.

  39. thanks akshay for such a good help. but the links u have given are not for v3424au. link1 is for HP Pavilion dv6150br Notebook PC, and link2 is a blank page on hp website. but i found those exe files by those names on hp ftp site. i installed them as u have instructed. thanx for that. but could not got modem, card reader drivers. i m also getting 3 base system device entries with yellow mark in device manager.
    plz help me with that.

    thx again, vishal

  40. @Vishal

    Drivers meant for other systems will work on V3424AU. Since the link is old, it may have expired.

    Right click the entries which have yellow mark – select update driver and give the path of the saved file.

  41. hi ..
    i had vista in my laptop v 3424au..was not happy degraded to xp….but cld not install sound and video drivers….tried downloading many from net but nothing worked out…they tel me that this model does not support XP at all…so kindly ensure that does this model support xp and if it does let me knw where to download the drivers…i am fed up for the last one week with out video and audio….PLZZZ help…send the ans to my mail id…thanks…take care

  42. I have compaq presario v3424tu laptop.
    i want to install windows xp in it.
    plz give me the audio and wireless drivers and kindly tell me the complete way how to install the audio drivers… plzz

  43. Dear Akshayji.
    How to get vista recovery cd of Compaq Presario V3424AU Notebook PC?
    Notebook was shipped with D Partition Recovery but it was deleted by mistake. I have tried to create the disc but not successed. How can I get the Recovery Partition of my Notebook?

  44. @Ashutosh

    You can try the data recovery softwares to recover your partition. However, if you have installed softwares, copied data on the partition which had recovery data, the chances of recovery are highly impossible.

    Can you tell me what error did you get while creating the recovery disc? I believe you have only two chances to can create recovery disc. Try contacting the customer care of compaq and see if they can help you with it.

  45. i have compaq presariolaptop,now i got very much irritated with my system,i have downloaded sound drivers,but every time that is showing thatmedia device not found please help me in this

  46. Hi Akshay,

    I followed the instruction for Preasrio V3424AU what you said above and could fix up all the problemsexcept one yellow question mark with unknown device which I am still getting. I have installed modem. Now in the network option, I am getting an icon saying Internet connected along with the LAN and 1394 connected icon. But still I am not able to access internet. Please suggest me what should I do.

  47. Akshayji.

    My Compaq Presario V3424AU Notebook PC has same problem which you faced earlier as your motherboard was down. From yesterday my display has gone and after many attempt to strat it is not responding. I have brought my Notebook in July 2007.can i claim the warrenty of the same? as you written about AMD V3000, has the serious issues of heating and motherboard problems, display problems.

  48. Compaq Presario v3424au notebook comes preloaded with MS Vista.
    my prob is that i want to install
    MS sql server 05 and visual studio 05
    but both are not supported in Vista.
    i am thinking of installing XP, but am unable to find nvidia nforce networking controller drivers for the notebook hardware.
    config is:
    processor: AMD turion 64bit
    nvidia geforce go 6150
    broadcom wireless lan
    conexant high definition audio
    i need ur help

  49. You Rock!!!!! Since many years i was trying to find the graphics driver for my lappy…Got it today.. Thanks a lot.

  50. Hey Akshay.
    can you please upload the link again.
    while clicking on link, it says page not found.
    i have already installed drivers but my audio is still not working
    and in device manage no yellow mark, seems it has asigned wrong driver.
    tell me the process how to uninstall driver and re install it again without OS format…..thanks

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