Synchronize Google Calendar with MS Outlook

Synchronize Google Calendar with MS Outlook

1. Download RemoteCalenders
(Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is a must to run this software)

2. Extract and install RemoteCalenders

3. Configuration –

– After installing RemoteCalenders, launch Outlook and RemoteCalenders will automatically open.

– Click on Subscribe a RemoteCalenders button to add Google Calendar to Outlook.

– In Google Calendar, copy iCal URL to get your Calendar’s Private Address on the Calendar Settings page – click on Manage Calendars on the left and in the Calendar tab, click on the Calendar name that you want to work on.

– Near the bottom of the page, get the Private Address of this calendar in XML, iCal as well as HTML formatsm select iCal and copy that URL.

– In RemoteCalenders, paste the iCal URL under “RemoteCalenders URL”, add the Calendar name and check “It’s my Google Calendar and I want to sync both ways”.

(This is the link to the website of the magazine (DIGIT) which carried an article about synchronising Google Calendar with Outlook).


2 comments on “Synchronize Google Calendar with MS Outlook

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