Procedure for Change in Name

Procedure for Change in Name – in official gazette –

You will need to fill up a form which is available free of cost at the Government Press of your city. (In Pune, it is located near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk – Behind Government Photozinco Press)

You need to fill in the details as required – like your old name, new name, old signature, new signature and address.

No documents are required to be submitted along with the form.


Charges for change of name in the Maharashtra Government Gazette:

  • Rs 120 per insertion (for two copies of the Gazette)
  • For backward class applicants: Rs 60
  • Charges for extra copy of the Gazette: Rs 12 per copy

Cash is accepted at the Government Press though you have option of paying through Cheque/DD.

Backward class applicants are required to submit a Xerox copy of caste certificate of old name as issued by the Collector of the District concerned.

Once the form is duly submitted, it normally takes a month for publication of advertisement in the Maharashtra Government Gazette. The Gazette copy is sent to the address given on the form.


Government Photozinco Press Premises and Book Depot,
5, Photozinco Press road, Photozinco Press premises,

DISCLAIMER: This procedure may vary from place to place. Kindly recheck the procedure of your place. This procedure is as applicable in Pune, Ahmednagar, etc.


8 comments on “Procedure for Change in Name

  1. Hi,

    Can you please guide where can i get the Name change form? Is it available on line? sothat i can take a printout and submit the same.

  2. @prashant

    I have given the address of Pune city for the form. For other places, you will need to visit the Government photozinco press of your city. If havent come across online form for the same.

  3. HI Akshay,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I ‘d like to know the time duration taken for change name after submission of the application.

    It will be great if you can tell me.

  4. @vaibhav

    Once u submit ur application, it will be published in the next gazatte publication. So it takes max. 30-35 days for the name change to appear.

  5. Hi Akshay,

    My name is Pratibha Jalvi. I am married. But there is no Marriage certificate i have.
    I just want to change my surname to Das.

    Please let me know if any documents required.


  6. Applicatiins of change in name from Ahmednagar City about 5 persons including my daughter are sent to Press Pune but no gazette has been publish since 4-5 months. Please confor

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