All about Flashing Firmware of your DVD ROM/CD Burners

First of all A WORD OF CAUTION – In case of DVD Roms use all ur 5 region changing options and only when they r exhausted try for RPC1 firmware flash.

Now the tutorial starts –

Download MtkwinFlash


Make sure the drive is empty(no media is present) before flashing…

1 Run MtkwinFlash
2 U can use the ATAPI mode or the IDE mode. If u are sure as to the where u Drive to be flashed is use the IDE mode..Else I wud recommend using the ATAPI mode…


Here simply select the Target drive and source firmware file and FLASH the Drive


IDE port 1 = Primary Master (Generally HDD)
IDE port 2 = Primary Slave
IDE port 3 = Secondary Master (generally Burner)
IDE port 4 = Secondary slave (generally CDROM/DVDROM)

Select the target and firmware and flash it

Try and avoid multitasking when doing sensitive things like flashing or best use dos for all ur flashing needs..


Make sure the drive is empty(no media is present) before flashing…

Download MtkFlsh(DOS)

Now –

1 Rename Mtkflash.exe to Mtkfl.exe

2 Make a bootable floppy.

3 Copy mtkfl.exe on to the floppy.

4 Copy new firmware or modded RP1 firmware onto different good floppy(do this as there might not be space on Win98 floppy if used).

5 Boot using the Floppy(configure ur bios if required to boot directly to the floppy.DO NOT LOAD ANY CDROM SUPPORT if using WIN98 Boot Disk)

6 Keep an eye while booting for ur RAM DRiVE and note its Drive letter.

7 Upon reaching the C:\ prompt ..type “copy A:\mtkfl.exe %RAMD%:\mtkfl.exe

8 Similarily copy ur new firmware or RPC1 firmware to the ram drive or “%RAMD%”

9 Now go to ur Ramdrive prompt..(Remember the drive letter I told u to note previously) and type: “mtkfl x w firmwarename.hex” with out the quotes( sustitute .hex with .bin if required and replace “x” with the followin no’s

1 for Flashing Primary master
2 for Flashing Primary Slave
3 for Flashing Secondary Master
4 for Flashing Secondary Slave

Generally optical drives are setup on Secondary channel

10 It will take a few secs(abt 10 secs or less) saying –

Identifying flash type

Update succesfull please Restart you PC(or somethin like that)

Now Restart your PC and DONE!!!


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