Share Your BSNL Dataone Broadband

TCP/IP settings for Win XP/ 2000

  1. Double click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.

2. Select ‘Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)’ and click on Properties.

3. Select ‘Use following IP address’and enter IP address than 1), subnet mask, Default gatway, and enter the DNS server IP addresses for Primary DNS as and Secondary DNS as

4.Click OK.

Multi user configuration(Router mode configuration) for different Types of CPE-ADSL modems are given bellow.

With this configuration, the third party pppoe software installation is not required on customer PC. Only TCP/IP address setting ( As per above procedure) is required.

Steps to put CPE in Router mode for Multi-user configuration:


Go to Network connections, right click on LAN icon then click on properties.

Select protocol TCP/IP and click on properties then select Use the following IP

Give PC ip address as{other than 1}


Gateway is

Now click on internet explorer{browser} and give url as and press enter

Logon window will be displayed.

Then type

user name: admin

Password : admin

You will enter into the web manager

Click on Basic available on the left side of the window,.

Select the following

WAN Type : PPPoe

VPI/VCI : 0/35

Default route : Enabled

Type your dataone UserId & Password given by the ISP

Use DNS : Enabled

Then click on apply

Then Save & Reboot

Now Multiuser connection (Router mode) is ready to use.

Various settings for different modems – If your modem is not listed here, you can use the one here which matches your modem closely. Click open and Zoom in the images to view clearly.


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