Firefox Tricks

Copy the code below excluding the “*”, paste it in ur Firefox address bar n hit enter –

* chrome://browser/content/browser.xul :: Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the
existing Firefox window.

* chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul :: Opens the Options dialog box
inside the Firefox tab.

* chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul :: Opens the “Book Marks
Manager” inside a tab in the Firefox window.

* chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul :: Opens the History Panel in the
Firefox tab.

* chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul?type=extensions :: Opens the
Extensions window in the current tab.

* chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul :: Opens the “cookies window” inside
a tab in the Firefox window.

* chrome://browser/content/preferences/sanitize.xul :: Opens the “Clear Private Data”
window inside the current tab.

* chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul :: Opens the “About Firefox” Dialog box
inside the tab.

* chrome://browser/content/credits.xhtml :: A scrolling list of names. The one’s who we
must thank for creating Firefox

And My favorite
* chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul :: Dancing Firefox.

TIP – To improve the speed of four firefox, download Firetune


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